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Taking the first step to change your life can be difficult, but starting your learning journey can be easier than you think.  It’s flexible, free, and confidential.  You will meet one-on-one with a tutor who is sensitive to your challenges and goals.  Your sessions will take place in our beautiful, private learning room at the Victoria Health Centre.

Our trained volunteer tutors use the “Each One Teach One” method to give learners the basic tools and the confidence they need to seek better job and educational opportunities, to take control of their finances and health, and to participate in the literacy development of their children. 

We have different core resources to meet your needs, abilities, and learning style. These materials are free for as long as you are in our program.

Our one-to-one tutoring program is absolutely free and confidential. We will help you get the help you need and if we don't have a tutor immediately available, we will work with you to find you one, or you can join our digital learning program. 

We can help.  Start your journey today by calling our office (506) 458-1396.


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