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Adult Literacy Fredericton strives to empower adult learners 18 years of age and older by helping them acquire the reading, writing, and numeracy skills necessary to function successfully at home, at work, and in the community, to achieve their goals, and to develop their full potential. 


Research indicates adults with higher literacy skills are:

  • Healthier and more active in their community

  • Less likely to live in levels of poverty

  • Able to access better employment opportunities

  • Pursuing further training and education

  • Reading to their children

We also seek to raise awareness of literacy issues by educating the community about the realities of low literacy, reducing the stigma attached to low literacy, making employers and co-workers more supportive of those with literacy challenges, and encouraging learners to apply to our program.

We are a registered charity and an affiliated council of Read NB.


Kate Weaver
Executive Director


President - Dan Horsman

Vice President - Mo Kinlad

Secretary - Kaely Scott

Treasurer - Kristen Greenier

Director - Vivian Farrar

Director - Joan Somerville

Director - Alexis LeFait

Director - Meghan Jagoe

Director - Andrea Bombak

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